Birth of Asili Nature

Asili means natural or original in Swahili. 
The aim of Asill is to provide products that are sourced and grown naturally.

Our founder was inspired by this drink called Sobolo during a trip to Ghana in West Africa.

Sobolo was being sold by street hawkers everywhere, curious to what this drink was our founder bought a bottle and loved the spices and herbs of the drink.

Once the founder returned back to the UK she forgot about it until she decided to do some research on this drink and realized it was a drink she was introduced to by her Caribbean friends called Sorrel!

The only difference between the 2 drinks is the Ghana version tasted more spicy!

Our founder sought after the recipe and after many ‘experiments’ decided to put a special twist on the recipe.

Thus, Asili Hibiscus drink was created!

Our Vision

Providing products that taste great, are natural, healthy and be a company that gives back to nature by supporting local farmers to farm in a healthy and sustainable way.

Our Mission

To make and deliver a drink that is healthy, refreshing and made from nature!

To have Asili distributed across all nation.

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“Asili Hibiscus Drinks is incredibly tasty. 

I am basically hooked on the this tea. 

Now, I have something to replace my morning coffee.”

 – Megan

“So curious about the benefits of drinking Asili Hibiscus tea and pleased to find out that it contains high levels of antioxidants.”

“Asili Hibiscus tea is now my favorite drink”

– Tariq

“Asili Nature gifted me some vegan friendly hibiscus wellness juices to try!

The juices are designed to cleanse the body and are super tasty too. The juices are only around 30 cals. and completely natural & healthy which is great for the immune system! Check out @asilinature for yours. 

 – Lizzy

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